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automotive seals

Automotive Seals

Increasing global demand is driving Automotive manufacturers to strive for higher quality in all aspects of production. The stringent emissions regulations, increase in manufacturer warranty times, and the rise in engine temperatures increases the property requirements for today’s automotive sealing products.

UK Seals supplies a wide range of automotive seals for cars, motorcycles, motorsport, light duty vehicles, buses, trailers, trucks, trains and other heavy duty vehicles. We offer specialist, high-performance automotive seals, O-rings and gaskets that meet the demands of oxygenate-rich gasolines, harsh engine oils and high engine temperatures.

Our range of hydraulic seals for vehicles includes; Piston seals, Rod seals and Wiper seals. We also supply an extensive range of rotary shaft seals, designed for a variety of automotive applications.

Automotive seals can be supplied with Level 3 PPAP documentation, along with CPK and PPK controls.

Our automotive seals portfolio includes a wide range of seals:

Viton FKM O-Rings O-Rings and PTFE Sealsbonded seals
Bonded Seals
gasketsCustom Mouldings / Extrusionsbespoke rubber mouldingsGaskets
rubber bellowsRubber Bellows (Boots)

rotary shaft seals
Rotary Shaft Seals
mechanical sealsMechanical Sealswiper sealsWiper Seals / Scraper Seals

Our manufacturers’ facilities also operate cleanrooms for the manufacture of elastomer components used in automotive equipment and other applications requiring a high standard of cleanliness.

For more information on our Automotive range of sealing products, download our latest Automotive Sealing Solutions brochure or contact us to discuss your application needs further. Please call our Technical sales team on +44 (0) 1670 840529 or email

Automotive Materials

The automotive market includes a variety of sealing applications, often found in critical locations. These products encounter numerous challenges, therefore understanding elastomer behaviour is crucial for selecting the correct automotive seal. Our technical team are available to offer advice on various automotive sealing applications and materials. We offer a range of materials from Nitrile through to specialist grades of Viton® and FFKM (Perfluoroelastomers). We can also supply RoHS/REACH compliant materials. Below are some examples of materials and suggested applications:

This table provides a general guide on material recommendations. UK Seals & Polymers Ltd continues to source new materials in accordance with Automotive customer specifications in conjunction with our manufacturers around the world. UK Seals & Polymers Ltd may source their products from a variety of Quality Approved Suppliers and the data shown should not be relied upon by any purchaser without verification of material source.

-10°C to +204°COutstanding resistance to high temp dry air and coolants. Good oil and fuel resistance.

Limited low temp flexibility.
Coolant resistant seals and cylinder liner seals.
Ethylene Propylene
Peroxide Cure:
-60°C to +150°C

Sulphur Cure:
-40°C to +135°C
Outstanding resistance to ozone, weathering, steam and hot water.

Excellent resistance to brake fluids, ketones, alcohols and other aggressive solvents.

Not recommended for use in petroleum fluids.
Battery seals, sensor seals, bumpers, isolators, sleeves, water / coolant resistant seals, radiator pump seals, environmental seals and cylinder liner seals.
Ethylene Acrylate
(AEM / Vamac®) and Polyacrylate (ACM)
AEM: -25°C to +170°C

ACM: -32°C to +149°C
Outstanding resistance to oils, automotive transmission fluids (ATF) and power steering fluids. Good resistance to high temp, wear, oxidation and ozone.

Limited resistance to water, steam, fuel, gasoline and automotive brake fluids.
Pump-to-case seals, clutch seals, transmission cover seals and fluid transfer seals.
(Viton®, FKM, FPM)
-25°C to +204°C
(Special compounds available: -40°C to +230°C)
Wide-spectrum chemical resistance and broad temperature range. Excellent high temp resistance. Commonly used in fuels and oils. Bio fuel and coolant resistant versions are also available. Good ozone and weathering resistance.

Low resistance to brake fluids.
Cover seals, cylinder liner seals, sensor seals, cap seals, oil pan seals and steering system seals.
-60°C to +177°CRelatively wide temperature range as silicone with good low temp capability and excellent chemical resistance. Good resistance to petroleum oils, hydrocarbon fuels, lubricants and petroleum-based greases.

Not recommended for dynamic applications.
Sensor seals, cap seals and compressed natural gas resistant seals.
Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR)-40°C to +150°CSimilar to nitrile with improved high temperature capabilities and ozone resistance. Excellent resistance to thermo-oxidative ageing.

Excellent resistance to petroleum-based fluids. Excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance. Compatible with HFC refrigerants, oil soluble and water soluble substances.

HNBR with low ACN content is not recommended for gasoline, CFC refrigerants and aggressive solvents.
Shock absorber seals, oil pan and cover seals, power steering seals, water pump seals, cap seals, sensor seals, bumpers, isolators, sleeves, under bonnet applications, HFC refrigerant resistant seals and oil filter seals.
Nitrile / Buna-N
-40°C to +110°CGood general purpose elastomer. Good mechanical properties when compared with other elastomers. Excellent resistance to petroleum-based fluids. High wear resistance. Relatively low ozone and weather resistance.Transmission and engine cover seals, sensor seals, steering seals, anti-drain back valves and oil filter seals.
Neoprene / Chloroprene
-40°C to +121°CGood general purpose polymer. Excellent refrigerants and petroleum oil resistance. Good ozone and aging characteristics. Low resistance to steam, hot water and gasoline.Bumpers, isolators, sleeves, refrigerant resistant seals and cap seals.
-25°C to +316°CExtreme high temp capability. Excellent resistance to the broadest range of chemicals. Limited low temp flexibility.

Not compatible with fluorinated refrigerants or other fluorinated chemicals.
Turbo charger seals and exhaust system seals.
Standard Compound:
-55°C to +204°C

Special Compounds:
-100°C to +204°C
Excellent choice for environmental seals. Wide temperature range and good resistance to dry heat. Good ozone and weather resistance as well as good insulating properties. Relatively limited wear resistance and low resistance to fuels and oils.

Not recommended for dynamic applications.
Cover seals, sensor seals, battery seals, cap seals, bumpers, isolators, sleeves, steering system seals, anti-drain back valves, oil filter seals and environmental seals.


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