Oil and Gas

Sealing solutions for oil and gas applications

oil and gas industry seals

Oil and gas sealing applications need specialised, high quality products as they demand extreme temperatures, very high pressures and intense chemical aggression.

It is crucial to select the right sealing components and materials, as the wrong seal can affect operator safety, equipment reliability and increase downtime.

High performance and reliability

To support the industry’s highly regulated, mission-critical operations, UK Seals offers a wide range of high standard approved solutions. Our products are designed to cope with high-pressure, corrosive environments where optimum performance is critical.

UK Seals supplies a range of cutting-edge elastomers that have been developed to resist Explosive Decompression (ED) and Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) across downhole, surface and subsea applications. The elastomer components we use are specially engineered for the demands of the oil and gas industry, and tested to industry standards including NORSOK M-710 and NACE.


Typical applications include:


Wiper seals, piston seals, O-Rings


Rotary seals, multi lip seals, piston seals, wiper seals, O-Rings


Seat seals, stem seals, flange seals

Downhole tools

O-Rings, back up rings, T seals


Spring seal, MEC seals


O-Rings, clamp seals