Sealing products for the Rail industry

seals and rubber components for rail

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Rail infrastructure is an vitally important asset. Heavy materials handling using Rail transportation methods are energy efficient and the safest way to move high volume materials across long haul distances.

In order to remain competitive, railway operators must be able to transport more and more people and goods with ever greater speed, reliability and efficiency. This, in turn, increases the performance and specification of the rail vehicles and transport systems.

The finish and integrity of a rail vehicle is crucial to its long-term durability. Sealing products must have the capability to withstand intensive use, whilst at the same time provide safe, reliable operation. For example, increased horsepower requirements in locomotives result in extremely high temperatures. And on the opposite scale, severe low temperature climates present operating challenges. Sealing materials must therefore be able to handle these extreme temperatures.

UK Seals supplies a wide range of high specification rail seals and associated products for all areas of the industry, including passenger operations, rolling stock, maintenance and rail infrastructure. Our products and services help reduce lead times in supply of various spare parts and seal kits used in repair of rolling stock equipment.

UK Seals manufacture and supply sealing products to customer specification drawings. We work with a number of leading customers within the rail industry to provide components and solutions on both new build projects and maintenance contracts.

Our products are proven and reliable, with fast delivery available with some high usage product lines. UK Seals’ range of high performance sealing products include;
Packing cups (U-Cup seals)
Hydraulic seals
Guide rings
Rotary Shaft seals
Rubber to metal bonded parts
Bonded Seals

Our Quality Management System is assessed regularly and is approved to ISO 9001:2008. UK Seals is also an authorised and approved supplier to several key railway organisations, both in the UK and overseas.

UK Seals offer advice and support with product development, design and selecting the right materials for the performance requirements of each unique application.

For more information on our range of rail sealing solutions, please contact our technical team on +44 (0)1388 722817 or send us an email to sales@ukseals.co.uk.