Elastomeric Bellows

Elastomeric bellows seals are designed so that all rotary components are contained with no loose parts that could potentially get damaged during fitting.

All elastomeric bellows seals feature static sealing on the shaft that cannot cause shaft wear or fretting. These bellows seals are designed with no loose parts that could be damaged during installation, and feature static sealing that cannot cause shaft wear or fretting.

Bellows seals are recommended for applications with media containing solids and for hygienic applications, due to their non-clogging, self-adjusting and robust design. These seals are also customisable – they can be specially produced to any working length and seat housing configuration.

type 14 DIN  elastomeric bellows
Type 14DIN / 142DIN
Universal, compact, heavy duty bellows seal with a choice of DIN working lengths. [Enquire...]
type 19 elastomeric bellows seal
Type 19/192/193
Robust rubber bellows seal with larger than DIN cross section and O-ring mounted stationary to suit common, originally European, housing dimensions. [Enquire...]
type 1511 elastomeric bellows
Type 1511
Rubber bellows seal with narrow profile of Type 14DIN and also compliant to American ANSI dimensions with ‘boot-mounted stationary. [Enquire...]
type 1520 elastomeric bellow seal
Type 1520
Rubber bellows seal with narrow profile of Type 14DIN and suited to common UK metric and imperial dimensions with boot-mounted stationary. [Enquire...]
type 1724 elastomeric bellows seal
Type 1724
High performance, heavy duty, full convolution rubber bellows seal inside a stainless steel casing. [Enquire...]
Typical applications

Suitable for a wide range of applications, such as pumps, mixers, agitators and compressors, they can also be used where a previous seal has caused shaft damage.

UK Seals supplies a range of elastomeric bellows seals to suit a range of applications and media, from water and general liquids through to mildly aggressive and aggressive fluids. We offer elastomeric bellows seals in a variety of materials to suit different applications.

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