Wave Springs

Wave springs are compact bidirectional seals originally designed for short working length and hygienic requirements.

Wave springs are mechanical seals designed to replace conventional round wire compression springs in applications that require a tight load deflection specification in a space critical environment. They provide a more even face loading than a Parallel or Taper Spring, and a smaller envelope requirement to achieve a similar face loading.

Bi-directional mechanical seals offer proven seal design and wave spring technology, in a range of material combinations. This is enhanced by superior design features, all at very competitive prices.

type 1677 / 1677M wave spring seal
Type 1677 / 1677M
Sinusoidal wave spring and 'O'-Ring mounted seal.
type 1678 wave spring seal
Type 1678
Stepped shaft, balanced sinusoidal wave-spring, ‘O’-Ring mounted seal.

type 1688 wave spring seal
Type 1688
Wave spring O-ring mounted seal with narrow cross-section, short working length, set-screw drive and monolithic head.

Type 1688 wave spring is designed for short working length and hygienic requirements (e.g. rotary lobe pumps). Other key applications include liquids of high viscosity. The compact design makes this seal an excellent choice for confined, shallow seal housing areas, or even external seal mounted applications.

Types 1677 / 1678 Seals is a high quality, general purpose seal. It is suitable for many sealing application requirements including chemical duties.

Typical applications

Wave springs are ideal for pumping viscous liquids in the food, dairy, brewery, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Other applications include pulp & paper, chemical and purification plants.

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