RISQS verified supplier

UK Seals are RISQS Verified

We’re now a RISQS Verified Supplier RISQS (the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) provides a single common registration, qualification and audit process for suppliers that are shared by the UK rail industry. The certification service by Achilies ensures that businesses operating within the rail sector operate to the highest possible standards. It is a prestigious …

durham oktoberfest uk seals

See us at the Durham Oktoberfest

Join us at stand H39 for Durham Oktoberfest on October 19th at the Xcel Centre, Newton Aycliffe. The event focuses on showcasing the Engineering and Manufacturing excellence across the North East and provides an annual opportunity for these sectors to come together and demonstrate both their individual and collective capability with the aim of meeting …

NE Automotive Expo

Geared up for North East Auto Expo

UK Seals are all geared up ready for this year’s North East Automotive Expo. Leading hydraulic and pneumatic sealing distributor UK Seals & Polymers Ltd will be exhibiting alongside Eastern Seals UK Ltd to showcase their wide range of products at the North East Automotive Alliance’s (NEAA) annual exhibition. This will be the first time …

hydraulic sealing solutions

Hydraulic Seals – Improving Performance

Sealing is a critical factor in the proper function of hydraulic applications, as leakage from the cylinder or across the piston, along with the ingress of unwanted contaminants, decrease the lifespan and efficiency of the entire application. Not only must hydraulic seals prevent leakage, but they must also be capable of withstanding high pressures, extreme …

pharmaceutical sealing solutions

Sealing for Pharmaceutical applications

The pharmaceutical industry includes the manufacture, extraction, processing, purification, and packaging of chemical materials to be used as medication for humans or animals. Pharmaceutical manufacturing is divided into two major stages. The first stage, which is typically referred to as primary processing or manufacture, is the production of the active ingredient or drug. The second …

automotive and transport sealing solutions

Innovative Transport sealing solutions

Transport sealing solutions for the Automotive and Heavy Duty industries. In a world striving to develop smaller, lighter, faster, safer and more reliable ways to do just about everything, our automotive and heavy duty sealing solutions cover a wide variety of applications… The reliability and safety needs of today’s automotive industry require all parts to …

hydraulic seals

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals

Both pneumatics and hydraulics are applications of fluid power. The main difference between these two systems is the medium used to transmit power. In Hydraulics, liquid / oil is used to transmit power, whereas in pneumatic applications, compressed gas (generally air) is used to transmit power. Most industrial pneumatic applications use pressures of about 80 …