Bespoke Rubber Mouldings

bespoke rubber mouldings

Custom rubber mouldings and products

Custom-made rubber seals provide an effective solution when equipment parts are non-standard in shape or size, often making it difficult to determine and source the correct replacement.

We supply custom rubber mouldings for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications worldwide. UK Seals work with a select number of quality orientated factories that can produce both small and large volumes from your drawing or in some cases to sample.

The presses used for our custom mouldings are from 200 to 500 tonnes and can produce varying sizes as required.

When producing bespoke rubber mouldings it is always best to work with a drawing. The reason being is that rubber does not have as tight tolerances as plastic or metal parts. This means you can never be sure if the sample is on the upper, lower or mid-range of its tolerance.

The mouldings can be made by either Injection or Compression moulding depending on the volumes and size of the product and our suppliers’ strict quality procedures ensures we supply to the very highest quality.

Bespoke mouldings are application dependent. We can supply plugs, bungs, bushes, gaskets, diaphragms, valve seats, bellows, mounts and much, much more.

UK Seals can provide virtually any shape, style, material, colour, hardness and quantity required. Compounds may be selected according to criticality of application. We also offer an extensive range of compression and injection moulding equipment.

We can turn round quotations for bespoke mouldings in 24 hours for simple shapes and materials.

Rubber mouldings information

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