Packing Cups (U-Cups)

packing cups u seals

Precision engineering packing cups in a range of quality elastomers

Packing cups or U-cups are a lip seal, named for the cross-section’s distinctive “U” shape. Packing cups or U-cups are popular in low-pressure applications where a low friction seal would be beneficial. As pressure is applied to the U-cup the seal experiences an increase in sealing force until it reaches the maximum pressure the seal can handle.

UK Seals supply these seals to a whole range of industries, our main line is supplied to the Rail and Transport sector.

We supply a range of packing cups in elastomer materials such as Nitrile, Viton and EPDM. Standard profiles such as equal lip (for both rod and piston use), lower outer lip (for piston use) and lower inner lip (for rod use). We also have the capability to produce bespoke designs from customer drawings.

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