Rubber bellows

rubber bellows

Precision engineered rubber bellows in premium grade elastomers

Rubber bellows (also known as Boots) are an essential part of many different industrial systems. They are flexible seals used as protective covers for rod-ends, ball joints and numerous situations requiring the maximum possible protection from dirt or oil penetration.

Bellows can be manufactured in various rubber compounds, shapes and sizes to suit your application.

UK Seals supply bellows to a whole range of industries, for numerous applications and environments including:

Automotive and Transport.
Food and drinking water.
High pressure gases.
General heating systems.

Standard rubber bellows

Our pre-engineered bellows are ideal off the shelf solutions for rapid problem solving, prototyping and replacement of obsolete or hard to find parts. These bellows have been pre-tooled which means there are no setup or production costs normally associated with bellow manufacturing.

Custom rubber bellows

Custom made solutions for application specific requirements.
Strict control of production uniformity.
Product flexibility.
Material certifications: FDA, NSF, UL.

Rubber mouldings information

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