Rubber to metal bonded parts

rubber to metal bonded parts

Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts / Sub-assemblies

Rubber to metal bonding is an ideal process for manufacturing components and parts including; valve assemblies, shafts and rollers. Additional uses for this process include rubber components bonded to steel, aluminium and brass. These parts are commonly used in the Rail and Transport industries. Rubber to metal bonded parts can be produced in a wide array of sizes and shapes.

Rubber to metal bonding is a method where rubber is mechanically bonded to metal during the rubber moulding process. By combining components into one part rather than have two or three separate components not only results in potential cost savings, but also provides a more consistent and technically superior solution.

The process used to bond rubber to metal depends on the application, specifically how the finished part will be used. To achieve a successful bond, much of the value lies in mould tooling design, surface preparation processes, primer selection and curing configuration (temperature, pressure and duration).

UK Seals supply customised rubber to metal bonded solutions to meet customer requirements. Our knowledgeable technical staff can assist with product development, design and select the right rubber to metal bonding agents for the performance requirements of the application. Our goal with every project is to produce high quality products as efficiently as possible.