automotive and transport sealing solutions

Transport sealing solutions for the Automotive and Heavy Duty industries.

In a world striving to develop smaller, lighter, faster, safer and more reliable ways to do just about everything, our automotive and heavy duty sealing solutions cover a wide variety of applications…

The reliability and safety needs of today’s automotive industry require all parts to be fully sealed against fluids, gases and other external influences. At the same time, transport industries are confronted with increasingly demanding challenges of reducing costs, increasing productivity and complying with environmental regulations.

There has been an overall increase in automotive and commercial vehicle production around the world, in turn boosting the demand for optimised transport sealing solutions. Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are utilising components that are smaller, lighter and offer improved reliability.

An increasing number of applications require sealing resistance against aggressive fluids and extreme temperatures. These include O-Rings that withstand high pressures in shock absorbers, sophisticated gaskets in electronic control units (ECUs), safety critical custom-moulded components in braking systems and seals that withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and aggressive media in fuel injectors.

Today’s transport sealing solutions are made from more durable compounds that withstand a higher temperature range and provide excellent strength as well as flow characteristics. By utilising the most suitable materials, vehicle suppliers and manufacturers are able to better meet the constantly increasing demands of this important industry, and their consumers.

Rotary Seals are vital components of almost every type of machine and vehicle in operation. Used in oscillating or rotating parts, their primary function is to keep lubricated fluids in, whilst preventing the ingress of contaminants such as dirt and water.

Rotary seals are built to perform exceptionally well in many challenging scenarios due to their superior low-friction properties and excellent resistance to wear. And with specialist seals available, such as radial shaft seals, the benefits go way beyond fluid sealing.

For example, radial shaft seals can serve as a scraper in mechanical processes with helical movement. This makes them a cost-effective, robust and reliable component. All rotary shaft seals enable friction-free operation by preventing lubricant from leaking from the assembly. This is achieved by a clearance gap between the shaft and the housing.

UK Seals & Polymers Ltd specialise in hydraulic, pneumatic and rotary sealing applications. The company’s Automotive and Transport range covers solutions for cars, motorcycles, motorsport, buses, trailers, trucks, trains and other heavy duty commercial vehicles. UK Seals supplies a range of solutions that can stand up to harsh environments while offering excellent resistance to attack from oils, gases, thermal cycling and other external influences.

From a general purpose elastomer such as standard Nitrile, through to special grades of HNBR, Viton® and FFKM, our range of materials can support a wide variety of transport applications. Click here to read more on our suggested materials for automotive applications

UK Seals’ range of products includes:

O-Rings, Bonded Seals and PTFE Seals
Rotary Shaft / Oil Seals
Gaskets, Packings and Sheet Materials
Rubber Bellows and Mechanical Seals
Wiper Seals and Telescopic Seals
Custom Mouldings and Extrusions

Automotive seals can be supplied with Level 3 PPAP documentation, along with CPK and PPK controls.

For more information on our Automotive and Transport range of sealing products, download our latest Automotive Sealing Solutions brochure. To discuss your application needs further, please call our Technical sales team on +44 (0)1388 722817 or email